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Rene L.

Love all these pictures of your family vacation...they are never long enough though!


I love it all.. so happy you had a great time and such a wonderful memorable vacation!!!

Amy Cornelius

What great pics! Glad you had fun. Sophie is so big! Miss that girl!
Although I can't imagine going to a restaurant where they throw food at you, but I bet you are not surprised. ;)

Carrie Keaton

Love the pics!!! Looks like a great time! Miss you guys but will be your short term neighbor in a couple weeks!! : )


Thanks, Rene!! And I agree... NEVER long enough! Thank you, Amy... and yes, I was well aware you would NOT eat rolls caught mid-air. hahahaha

Thank you, Carrie... are you sure you can handle "the street"??!? LOL... of course you can!

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